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If you are reading this post it is probably becauseyou are in a stage of stagnation in yourtraining or you want to know how to have differentresults, do not despair, it is perfectlynormal and it happens to most people who practiceweight training or other types of training.Sometimes in our body it reaches a certain plateau,this can be due to several factors such
as an inadequate training plan, an unbalanced diet, little rest or even stress. If you arerespecting all these factors, try the Drop Sets training.You have probably heard the words "drop set" in thegym but do you know its true meaning?According to Prestes et al. (2016) DROP SET is a trainingtechnique in which repetitionspreviously stipulated until the concentric failureare performed, then reducing around 20% to40% of the load and then restlessly performing anotherset again until exhaustion. During thedrop set there is a greater recruitment of motor units,due to a prolonged period of muscletension, causing an accumulation of metabolites inthe muscles, which is important for thehypertrophy process.This type of training is great for those who are ina stagnation phase and needs to give thatextra stimulation in order to provoke the muscle ina different way, because through thistraining technique your metabolism increases, themetabolic stress is higher, the workoutsare more intense, and the training duration is shorterbecause exhaustion is early, thusincreasing the hypertrophy process.However, this type of training also has some disadvantages,as it is not recommended forbeginners, the risk of injury is higher due to muscleglycogen depletion and therefore therecovery time is also longer and should not be appliedat all. The exercises.CONCLUSIONThe drop set is a training method that when used correctlycan help with good results in bothstrength gains and muscle mass gains. To do this youneed to be smartly inserted in trainingand with proper timing.Suitable for those looking for hypertrophy, howeverthe guidance of a professional inexercise is essential to better achieve results safelyand respecting the individuality of eachperson.