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When lifting weights will I become too bulky?

Lifting weights helps you build muscle, but building muscle won't necessarily increase your size. For women who want to be strong, but don't want to bulk up, there's no need to be afraid of training hard. It is very difficult for most women to increase the size of their muscles because their bodies produce minimal amounts of testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for deepening the voice, the appearance of facial and body hair, as well as maintaining muscle strength and mass.


In reality, lifting weights for women will have the opposite effect of this myth. Lifting weights will encourage your body to burn more calories, increasing your lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn during the day. Lifting weights can also help tone your arms and legs, as well as improve your overall body composition. Incorporating weights into your training plan is a great way to improve your fitness, and for women, if you want to gain muscle mass, know that you will need to work much harder than most men to do so.