Physichal Terapy

Our physiotherapist serves clients with functional limitations, disabilities or changes in physical function and health status, the result of injury or other causes, enhancing the recovery / rehabilitation with the ultimate goal of returning the functions compromised by injury and reintegration into their physical activity as well as in society.Fisioterapia



Global Active Stretching

Postural Global Reeducation

Neural mobilization

Soft tissue manipulation

There are no queues. Your session begins on time and don´t have to wait to be served because the hours are flexible and adaptable to your availability.

The service can be done anywhere you like as at work or at home, so you have every comfort and convenience to achieve the desired clinical recovery in the shortest possible time.

Check your first assessment free of charge, so you will know what you have to do to feel better!

Physiotherapy for companies:

This service is a great solution for companies that aim to reduce the level of stress at work (physical and psychological stress) and the remoteness index, a way to keep under control the development of osteo muscle disorders related to work.

This way, the decrease in the number of sick leave will be a reality by increasing the productivity of your company in general.

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Recharge energies at a higher level, in our space you will find all the comfort to enjoy our treatments according to their characteristics and needs.

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